Support details for the Grenfell Inquiry screening at Notting Hill Methodist Church 24+25 May

Published on: Thursday 24 May 2018

Following the news article about how we can support you during Phase 1 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry we wanted to update you about provision at Notting Hill Methodist Church for today and tomorrow, 24 and 25 May.

If you attend the screening there will be onsite breathing exercises available from 11am to 4pm on both days. The aim of the exercises is to reduce stress and anxiety.

We will update on provision for the remaining days of Phase 1 of the inquiry, next week.

In addition, the NHS Outreach team will be providing advice and support during the Phase 1 hearings of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The team members are easy to identify by their green t-shirts and will produce photo ID for anyone who wants to see it.

Counselling service Hestia will also be providing their services at the Inquiry as well.

As the purpose of this stage of the Inquiry is to commemorate the lives of those who died, it may be a stressful experience. If you feel you need some support, we are here to help.

Please remember that all of our usual services continue as normal. So if you have left the Inquiry or screening for the day and need to reach us you still have the following options:

  • The Outreach team can be contacted on 020 8962 4393 (seven days a week from 9am to 8pm)
  • For urgent health and wellbeing support, you can call 0800 0234 650, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week
  • Our walk-in service is available at The Curve, 10 Bard Road, from 10am to 8pm.
  • There is also an overnight service at Notting Hill Methodist Church which is open from 10pm to 8am every night.

Our Grenfell Health & Wellbeing Service offers support to help people if they feel traumatised, anxious, stressed, worried or are unable to sleep. You can self-refer online at, call us for more information on 020 8637 6279, or email

You can also speak to your GP for help and advice.

Further information about how the NHS can support you can be found at


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