An Introductory Course to Coppersmithing at Maxilla Men's Shed.

Create beautiful copper bowls using traditional tools and Coppersmithing techniques. A great introduction for beginners and perfect practice for those wanting to increase their skill.

Coppersmithing Course comprised of 6 x 2hr sessions

Day 1 - Tuesday 12th November 10am to 12pm

Day 2 - Wednesday 13th November 10am to 12pm

Day 3 - Tuesday 19th November 10am to 12pm

Day 4 - Wednesday 20th November 10am to 12pm

Day 5 - Tuesday 26th November 10am to 12pm

Day 6 - Wednesday 27th November 10am to 12pm

Our workshops are free and prioritised to age 50+ Maxilla Men's Shed Members and regular Shed users. Spaces are limited and will be determined by application criteria. Pleases make sure you are able to commit to all 6 sessions before signing up.

To book your space, please apply here


About Maxilla Men's Shed

Maxilla Men's Shed is a space where local adults, can come to learn, teach, make, share and socialise. An enjoyable way to stay socially integrated in our local community, stay active and learn or pass on transferable skills in a workshop environment and through specialised training programmes.

Maxilla Men's Shed will be running a series of courses and workshops in the shed. The courses will be focused around learning a new skill where Shedders can go on to develop and practice their new skill in The Shed space. Maxilla Men's Shed is offering a workshop workspace where users can work on practical projects, follow hobbies with others, learn a new skill by joining any of our free courses, enjoy the benefits of socialising and meeting new members, have access to a computer, tinker and drink tea. Members decide when they come and what they do and enjoy learning from each other. The main sessions are for ages 50+ but other supervised sessions can be for over 18's.

Maxilla Men's Shed is made possible with funding from NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group, RBKC Public Health and the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation.

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