NHS North Kensington Health & Wellbeing 

We have funded extra health services in the local area to help support the health
and wellbeing of you and your family.

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  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL
    During the colder months and shorter days it's important we take care of our physical and #mentalhealth. Try to keep a healthy diet, fit in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and check in with friends and family when you can. pic.twitter.com/i65cAqnWd3
  • @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL @HealthierNWL
    Evening and weekend GP and nurse appointments are available near you. If you need to book, call your own GP practice (out of hours - the answer machine will have the details) or check your practice website. pic.twitter.com/ABl1htGeeX


Boost your immunity this winter by GP Dr Andrew Steeden 

What can you do this winter to protect the health of yourself and your family? Local West London GP Dr Andrew Steeden explains.

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