Health & Wellbeing strategy review

We have published a review of the North Kensington Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

This follows a period of extensive engagement with survivors, bereaved, the wider community and our Health Partners, building on the original Health & Wellbeing Strategy (2020). Although much has happened there is still much to do.

Cultural Competency is one area where the community’s valuable insight has resulted in additional training to support general practice staff, this has been recognised as good practice.

Following the latest engagement, we want to make sure that future service delivery is community driven and evidence-led, so plan to:

  • Provide additional primary care services to support the Grenfell affected community; these include Enhanced Health Checks & Grenfell-related appointment
  • Consult with children and young people directly with regard to their health and wellbeing, to gain additional valuable insight into their health needs and how they can be addressed. A peer to peer support group is in the process of being set up.
  • Continue to support Healthier Futures ‘Self-care’ services, to support individuals and families. These services are regularly reviewed to make sure they are well used and meet the health and wellbeing needs of the community.

Future health service provision will also be informed by engaging with and listening to community groups, as well as using information from the Grenfell Joint Strategic Needs Assessment. It will take into consideration:

  • The expressed views of the North Kensington communities including survivors and bereaved
  • The wider issues that impact on residents’ health within North Kensington, for example housing and economic factors
  • Consider best practice from disaster recovery literature
  • Critique and challenge existing provision and guidance on future services.

We responded to the first process of engagement by providing various support services to meet your needs, which are available to you when you are ready. Currently you can access enhanced health checks, extended GP appointments and a range of non-clinical services to help with your wellbeing.

A review of these health and wellbeing services can be found here, alongside a shorter slide deck summary.

In Autumn 2022 we set up a survey to review whether you have any changing health needs and priorities or are there different areas that we need to address. We were keen to work with you, as our valued co-design partners, to find out whether our approach to supporting your health and wellbeing is still on track. Our consultation process ended at the close of 2022 and we appreciated all your responses. 

We want to hear from you

Our service review will soon be available via our refreshed Health & Wellbeing strategy, but our conversation with you remains open. If you would like to pose your own questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch: