Community Voices

Published on: Thursday 2 July 2020

A collection of conversations with North Kensington residents about Health & Wellbeing

In the years following the fire the NHS has been in the community speaking to local people about their Health and Wellbeing and the impact of the tragedy; these stories have been collated in this publication ‘Community Voices’.

Community Voices captures anonymous stories and accounts from residents told in their own words, demonstrating how they have been affected and the issues that are important to them. Giving voice, listening and acting on what we have heard is critical, and is the cornerstone of our engagement approach.


The conversations provide a rich source of information about the relationship between an individual’s culture and their values and how they deal with their health and access health services.

Patient stories are now being used widely within the NHS to facilitate the development of services, clinical knowledge and skills. Community Voices has been at the heart of our health and wellbeing strategy and moving towards a more individual and family based  culturally relevant approach. These stories are also responsible for initiating the Health Partners programme, which brings the community and voluntary sector together to work collaboratively on key health issues.

“My GP is helping me a lot. She has referred me to a gym and it is helping me become stronger. I also have started praying a lot. I feel I get lot of answers to what has happened from God. Going to the gym has helped build my confidence.” ~ Mr J 

“What is good about the therapist working with my child is that she is gentle and works at the same pace as my child. She is not pushy and really understands what my child feels.”

We would like to thank the bereaved, survivors, local residents, community groups and faith groups across North Kensington for sharing their experiences and reflections. This work would not have been possible without their support and generosity in making time for the much valued conversations.

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