The original Health and Wellbeing Strategy used 2019/2020 as the foundation year to identify health needs. It formed a initial outline for key priorities, with many recommendations taking forward, with the community as valuable co-producers. 

Many emerging health needs were identified and the disparities raised were addressed in order to build resilience with the North Kensington community, bereaved and survivors.

Cultural competency is one area where the community's valuable insight resulted in some truly groundbreaking work. Click here to read in full the original strategy - Health and Wellbeing Strategy for North Kensington

Towards the end of 2022 we consulted the community and health partners again for their view on a refreshed Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This would not have been possible without their contribution and insight. We have learned from every single view expressed - both positive and negative - and want to express our heartfelt gratitude for their time and contribution. We are committed to shaping a service that involves them at the centre of the health services offered, as co-producers.

We will share all our findings in Spring 2023. Meanwhile, if you have any comments or feedback please email