Physical Health

If you have any physical illnesses or injuries you should contact your GP.

What do GPs help with?

GPs can:

  • Diagnose and help you manage common illnesses and injuries
  • Refer to you a specialist service if you need one
  • Prescribe appropriate medication if you need it

Not registered with a GP? Find out how to register here.

The NHS is working hard to make sure local GP services are there for everyone who needs them. The group has instructed all GP surgeries in the area to prioritise people directly impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire, and additional resource has been made available. There are GPs available on weekday evenings and at the weekend. You can make an appointment by calling 111. There are also bookable appointments available during these times at the St Charles Integrated Care Centre hub, which you can arrange by contacting your registered practice.

Out of hours GP access

GPs and practice nurses are available to people who need them in the West London CCG area at the weekend and on weekday evenings. To see a GP or practice nurse outside of usual office hours, contact your registered practice or call 111 to book an appointment.


Enhanced health check

The NHS is offering enhanced health checks for residents who may be concerned about their health. These are aimed at finding the early signs of health problems or underlying health conditions, for example, lung conditions often seen in smokers. Find out more.

Respiratory care

Public Health England continues to monitor the air quality around Grenfell tower, and still report a low risk to people's health from air pollution. You can read their reports here

However, you may still be worried that the fire affected your breathing or have additional concerns if you already have a condition that affects your breathing, such as asthma. Breathing difficulties can also be made worse by stress and trauma.

If you are worried, you can make an appointment with your GP who can assess you and if necessary refer you to a specialist respiratory clinic which will treat both adults and children. The NHS will fast track anyone affected by the fire, so you shouldn't have to wait longer than 14 days to be seen after your referral.

Pre-existing conditions

In addition to the effects of the fire you may have already been living with conditions such as dementia, diabetes or other physical or mental health problems. It is important to speak to your GP about what extra support you may need and to ask what voluntary sector organisations or charities can help.