Vaccination in North Kensington

Published on: Friday 8 January 2021

We are working to vaccinate everyone in the first priority group (those over 80 and at high risk) as quickly as possible. This will take time but we are committed to reaching everyone in this group by the end of February 2021.

We know it can be frustrating to see some people being offered the vaccine when you have not yet heard about your own; we are opening all our vaccination sites as quickly as possible and we will get to you soon.

We will also start to vaccinate those over 75 from early February, but again this will take time to get to everyone, please bear with us.

Your appointment

The NHS will contact you when we are able to offer you an appointment, this will either be a letter or phone call from your GP.

If you miss the phone call please don’t worry, we will call again or send you a letter.

Some people may receive two invites. If this happens, please pick the location you would prefer to go to for your vaccination and follow the booking-in advice provided. You can ignore the second invite.

Travelling to and from a vaccination site is essential travel, but please remember to wear a face mask when visiting and adhere to social distancing measures.

Beware of scams

We are also aware of several reports of people being contacted by fraudsters offering the Covid19 vaccine. The reports show text messages being sent providing a link for people to register their details to apply for the vaccine, some of which require payment.

These text messages and links are not sent from, or linked to, the NHS. 

Please note the NHS will:

  • Never ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text asking you to confirm you want the vaccine
  • Never ask for payment for the vaccine or for your bank details.

If you receive a text message from an unfamiliar number:

  • Do not respond to it or click on any links
  • Do not enter any personal or log on details
  • Do not make any payment​​​​​


It will take time to vaccinate everyone in this first group. The phased vaccine supply means vaccinations will take place between January and April – so please be aware you may not be called until later in the year.


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