Suicide prevention training – World Suicide Prevention Day

Published on: Tuesday 10 September 2019

On World Suicide Prevention Day tomorrow, health professionals are recommending that everyone should have some training in how to talk about suicide.

Dr Alastair Bailey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead at the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service recommends suicide prevention training provided online by Zero Suicide Alliance.

The 20-minute training is free, anyone can do it, and it covers things like spotting the signs, knowing what you say and how to help someone who may be distressed.

Dr Bailey believes that “asking someone about distressing thoughts and feelings, particularly when they might be thinking about ending their lives, can be difficult – but talking openly and honestly can help to save a life.”

It is important to note that it has sensitive themes that some people may find difficult. But you can do the training together with someone for support.

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