Statement from Robyn Doran, CNWL Chief Operating Officer, and Mona Hayat, Director of North Kensington Recovery, West London Clinical Commissioning Group, after Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Meeting, Tuesday 5 December

Published on: Wednesday 6 December 2017

This was a very thorough meeting where questions were asked of us and our colleagues about the NHS’s part in the Grenfell recovery for about three hours. It is quite right that this degree of scrutiny is performed.

We emphasised our ongoing commitment to engage with and involve the local community in shaping our services and were pleased to give some of our time to Angels for Grenfell, one of the local community groups who will help us foster improvement.

We listened to many stories and experiences, many painful memories and sometimes poor service for which we apologised directly to those who raised them and to the community listening in the audience. We heard that we need to do better for some people – from being more flexible in how we provide a service, to the very words staff use in conversations and in material.

We saw a number of people after the meeting to gather details of cases to find solutions for them.

We have done much good in this community but we never forget that every person and every family must receive the service they need for them, as they are and where they are.

We were pleased to hear some of the participants – from the community and councillors - saying that the NHS had listened and changed; we will keep doing so.

We were able to say more about services over the Christmas period (details will be available from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) after consultation with Grenfell United), that the overnight services remains at Notting Hill Methodist Church (with access to NHS Rapid response) and support for school children.

Every single member of our teams are mindful of Councillor Weale’s comments about the future and worries about suicide over and after the Christmas holidays. We will be saying more about services available – through the NHS and also through the community sector – especially Journey of Hope – and will work as closely as we can with all the volunteers to be vigilant for each other and to know what to do if you face this situation.

Our thanks to Councillor Robert Thompson, the Chair of the Committee, for the opportunity to address them and the community.

You can watch the whole Scrutiny Committee meeting live at