Local grants awarded from NHS self-care fund

Published on: Tuesday 5 October 2021

North West London Clinical Commissioning Group (NWL CCG), working with Kensington & Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) are very pleased to announce grants from the North Kensington Recovery Self-care Resilience fund have been awarded to a number of local organisations.


What is the fund?

This fund is part of the North Kensington Recovery Self-Care programme, which aims to help residents take more control of their mental and physical wellbeing, and manage any long term health conditions outside of medical settings. This programme aims to build confidence, knowledge, skills and resilience.

The application process

Applications opened to local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations in May with the task of delivering Self-Care activities and building resilience in the communities that have been affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Priority was given to applications that also aimed to tackle the key health themes in the area which are cancer, diabetes, asthma, obesity, hypertension, coronary Heart Disease and mental Health.

The grants offered were dependant on the size of the organisation and project. New organisations were also able to apply and access support from KCSC to develop policies and procedures to help them establish.

A total of 13 organisations were awarded funding and have all started their projects which are expected to run between 6 and 15 months.

Kalwant Sahota, Social prescribing lead for North Kensington Recovery Programme says:

“Working with the local community and voluntary sector to deliver these activities is so vital to this programme, it empowers and develops skills locally, strengthens the community and makes is much easier for local people to join in! Congratulations to all those who have been awarded funding and are working so hard locally to get these projects off the ground, the local NHS team is looking forward to working with you”.

The new projects

The services cover; exercise and wellbeing, advice, group services and training.
Find out more about the projects and how to get involved below.

  • The Lunch Box Club: A boxing and nutrition programme with 8 boxing sessions at Dale Youth Boxing Club plus 8 cook and eat sessions delivered by a nutritionist at Bay20. To refer yourself, click here: https://www.kcsc.org.uk/page/north-kensington-self-care-referral-form
  • Our Power Hub Boxing: Men only and women only low intensity & high intensity boxing & fitness classes (suitable for Muslim women) for 5 months, both in person at Dale Youth boxing gym and virtually, delivered by Our Power Hub. To sign up, contact referrals@ourpowerhub.org or call 07960420333 (male boxing) or 07495659826 (female boxing). 
  • Mixed Power Walking and Women’s Only Yoga: Mixed power walking and gentle exercise, along with Women’s only Yoga classes for Notting Dale ward residents, delivered by Community Champions (VCKC). To sign up, email Ewa at ewa.kasjanowicz@vckc.org.uk or call 079 6123 2431
  • Specialist legal advice for disabled people: Legal advice on disability-related benefits, PIP, UC, Housing adaptations, disability discrimination and general casework, delivered by ADKC. To refer yourself, click here: https://www.kcsc.org.uk/page/north-kensington-self-care-referral-form
  • Information, Advice and Guidance Service: Benefits, housing, grants and education advice for North Kensington residents delivered by The ClementJames Centre. To refer yourself, click here: https://www.kcsc.org.uk/page/north-kensington-self-care-referral-form
Group services
  • Cooking and Nutrition Classes: In person healthy cooking class delivered by a different chef each week plus ingredients to take home, delivered by the Venture Centre. To sign up, contact info@venturecentre.org.uk or call 0208 960 3234
  • Trauma support group for disabled people: An opportunity to talk and receive support for traumatic experiences with an experienced counsellor at hand, delivered by ADKC.  To sign up, contact Glenda on personaldevelopment@adkc.org.uk or 07541 951506
  • Positive empowerment group for disabled people: Confidential peer support and counselling group, any issues welcome. Friendly group atmosphere, delivered by ADKC. To sign up, contact Glenda on personaldevelopment@adkc.org.uk or 07541 951506
  • Active for Health: Culturally appropriate diabetes programme for people from BAME backgrounds, which includes supervised walks, information and advice and cookery lessons delivered by French African Welfare Association. To refer yourself, click here: https://www.kcsc.org.uk/page/north-kensington-self-care-referral-form
  • Caring Hands Project: Culturally specific project for people from Sub-Saharan Africa providing arts and crafts, coffee and Tea mornings, walking groups and cooking of healthy African food delivered by Pamodzi. To sign up, email Chikwaba on pamodzi03@aol.com or call 07970418893
  • My Life, My Choice: Supporting young people aged 18 to 30 to work individually and collectively on their mental and physical wellbeing through a wide range of volunteer placements, delivered by The Volunteer Centre K&C. To refer yourself, click here: https://www.kcsc.org.uk/page/north-kensington-self-care-referral-form
  • Afeemad and Afeeya (Health): Culturally appropriate education for the Somali and Bravanese community to tackle obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, Arthritis and mental health issues through virtual workshops and walking groups, delivered by Kulan Somali Organisation. To sign up, contact info@kulankso.org or call 07377866118.
  • Digital Champions: Peer-to-peer training designed to reduce digital exclusion among residents delivered by Dalgarno Trust, enabling access to online services such as the NHS, employment, DWP and RBKC with ease and confidence. To sign up, email Rosana on Rosana@dalgarnotrust.org.uk or call: 07518 617616.