#MyVaccineStory - Terry Ives

Published on: Tuesday 16 February 2021

The #MyVaccineStory series aims to tell the stories of residents & health & social care staff who have decided to take up their vaccine, the reasons why and how they now feel about it.

Terry 2.jpg
Name: Terry Ives
Age: 36
Job title: GP Practice staff Kensington & Chelsea

Q1. How did you feel when you received your invitation for your vaccine?
Nervous, scared - not sure if i wanted to do it. Wasn’t convinced or happy to take it which is why I initially declined.

Q2. What changed  your mind?
I didn’t want it and was against it. However in the space of a week 3 highly vulnerable people in my family who never leave there home tested positive for Covid, that just made me realise how scary this is and how we all need to protect the vulnerable. 

Q3. What information did you use or who did you speak to?
I spoke to all the doctors at my surgery that I work at and asked them why they got it. It made me realise that if the professionals are taking it, I should be too.

Q4. How was the experience of having your vaccine?
The experience was nerve wracking for me as I’m not a fan of needles, however the doctor who gave me my vaccine was nice, kind and answered all my questions and queries.

Q5. What would you say to others unsure?
I would say its natural to feel unsure, it's a new thing however speak to professionals/doctors about it, they know more then your average person would. 

Q6. How do you feel now you have been vaccinated?
Honestly I feel like a have a little shield on my back. I still wash my hands, wear masks but I just  feel that little bit better protected and happier.

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