Grenfell: preparing for Guy Fawkes Night

Published on: Friday 2 November 2018

The Police have let us know about firework displays and bonfires over the next few days and it’s good for people to be prepared.

Some people may find this difficult and could find it revives traumatic, frightening, memories.

So we’re advising people to be aware of the events and decide what you want to do; many people will not want to participate but some will.

Anyone in the Grenfell Community who is upset by the sights and sounds can contact the Grenfell Outreach Service directly on 020 8962 4393, during the day, evening and night time.

Traumatic memories can be revived by many sensations – a sight, a smell, a noise; all can trigger a response that takes people back to difficult times; stress can trigger your body’s ‘fight or flight’ defence system, with adrenaline and you will feel your breathing change, your heart rate go up with heightened awareness.

If you do experience feelings like this please remember:

Although panic attacks are frightening, they're not dangerous. An attack won't cause you any physical harm, and it's unlikely that you'll be admitted to hospital if it happens.

  • Stay where you are, if possible
  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Remind yourself that the attack will pass
  • Focus on positive, peaceful and relaxing images
  • Remember it isn't life threatening.

And remembers that you can call the Grenfell NHS Outreach Service directly on 020 8962 4393, during the day, evening and night time.


Fireworks display 1 November 6:30pm to 8:45pm, Edwardes Sq, W8

Fireworks display 3 November 5:45 to 8pm, Ladbroke Sq, W11

Fireworks display 5 November 6pm to 8pm, Lansdowne Road Clarendon Road Communal Gardens, W11

Fireworks display 3 November 6pm onwards; West London Bowling Club 112A Highlever Road, W10

Download the poster by clicking on the link.