8000 people vaccinated last week

Published on: Friday 4 December 2020

Last week, the NHS in NW London started to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine, in line with the government’s priority list of which people will get it first. A total of of 8000 vaccinations were given – which is a tremendous effort from all involved. This is a very exciting development and we want to be clear about how it will work for local people.

The NHS will get in touch with you directly when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

Please don’t contact your doctor or the NHS asking about vaccination; this is not a service that you are able to book in advance. The NHS will contact you when your turn comes in the months ahead. If you are contacted, please do attend the appointment.

We would encourage those over 80 and in the government’s priority list to be ready to accept their invite when called by their GP, reading the covid19 vaccination guide for adults leaflet is a god way to prepare – you can find this leaflet here.

You can also hear local GP Genevieve Small talk about her experience of having the vaccine.

Covid-19 is still very prevalent and highly infectious: the risk of catching it is the same as ever for people who have not been vaccinated.

In the meantime, it is vitally important that we all continue to follow the national public health guidance:

  • wash your hands regularly
  • wear a face covering in enclosed spaces
  • maintain safe social distancing.

It will take time to vaccinate everyone in this first group. The phased vaccine supply means the bulk of vaccinations for high risk groups are likely to take place between January and April – so please be aware you may not be called until then.

FAQs - https://www.nwlondonccgs.nhs.uk/coronavirus/nhs-covid-19-vaccination-programme