Concerned about your health

Published on: Wednesday 20 February 2019

The NHS is offering enhanced health checks for residents who may be concerned about their health. These are aimed at finding the early signs of health problems or underlying health conditions, for example, lung conditions often seen in smokers.

Dr Oisin Brannick from the Exmoor Surgery, said: “If you are worried about you r own or your loved ones health, we would encourage you to speak to your GP and ask about getting an enhanced health check. Your doctor will spend some time with doing some checks, discussing your health concerns and agreeing if anything further needs to be done.”

For adults, enhanced health checks include:

  • Monitoring for long term conditions such as diabetes and advice on the steps you need to take to manage these conditions effectively.
  • Physical health checks (looking at weight gain, blood pressure and cholesterol).
  • Health advice around stopping smoking, alcohol intake and substance misuse.
  • Addressing concerns around breathing difficulties.
  • General health and wellbeing conversations to check how you are feeling.

For further information about enhanced health checks, speak with your GP or contact community provider Healthy Hearts at 020 3434 2599.

Dr Brannick, added: “We also know people are worried about their children’s health so we also have enhanced health checks for them. Your GP will check any concerns around breathing, weight, dental hygiene and have a general discussion about how they are feeling. There is a real focus on physical activity and getting the children active through community exercise programmes. Please contact your GP Practice if you have any concerns about your child's health."

Are enhanced health checks the same as screening?

Screening is different from health checks. Screening is when clinicians screen or check for specific conditions or poisons, based on scientific evidence about the population’s potential health needs.

The air around Grenfell is checked continuously and Public Health England has not found extra pollution caused by the Grenfell fire which would add to health risks. However, we understand that local people are worried, and the Government is bringing forward testing of the soil around Grenfell for possible harmful pollution.

If screenings are required local residents will be contacted immediately with the necessary information.