Celebrating Social Prescribing Day – free activities available in North Kensington to boost your health and wellbeing

Published on: Thursday 14 March 2024

Did you know that you can boost your health and wellbeing, improve your skills and confidence by accessing free Social Prescribing and Self-Care activities, available to North Kensington residents and those affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire?

Today's Social Prescribing Day (14 March) gives us the opportunity to promote all these services, which are available all year round to individuals and families. These services are accessible via your GP, your GP practice, going directly to an organisation running a service, or by filling in a Healthier Futures referral form.

So what’s on offer, for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds? Adults can access a wealth of complementary therapies and activities, from guided meditation and yoga, to art, cooking classes, boxing, walking groups and more. There are also advice sessions linked to debt or employment training.

The French African Welfare Association (FAWA) provides supervised walks, information as well as advice and cookery via its culturally appropriate ‘Action for Health’ diabetes programme, designed for people from BAME backgrounds, click here to refer yourself.

People with a disability can access legal advice and peer support through ADKC by emailing Glenda on personaldevelopment@adkc.org.uk or 07541 951 506.

Families might enjoy spending time together at ACAVA’s friendly Cultivate Create gardening group as they not only get to grow fruit and vegetables, they also get to enjoy the fruits of their labour by cooking and eating delicious meals using their home grown produce.

Younger children aged under 6 can express themselves through weekly family-based music and movement sessions at Meanwhile Gardens. Parents and carers are also welcome to join in the dancing, singing and parachute play sessions, or try their hand at playing a musical instrument.

Families can also access support and advice from Family Friends, who provide group and individual sessions catering for children and young people of all ages.

Indeed everyone can access the support of a Social Prescribing link worker through your GP. To sign up, ask anyone at your GP practice to be referred to Social Prescribing. If you are not registered for a GP practice, please email nhsnwlccg.neohealthsplw@nhs.net. You can also contact Healthier Futures Health and Wellbeing Team directly via email health@kcsc.org.uk or by calling 0208 159 2197.

For further information on all these activities click here