Following the completion of Stage 1 of the environment checks around the Grenfell Tower site the Government has published the initial findings.

As new evidence and research emerges, the NHS relies on scientific and clinical expertise to advise us on how services might change, or when new tests or treatments may be needed. In our case, that advice comes from the Multi-Agency Partnership, which includes members from the Environment Agency, the Scientific Advisory Group, and various other expert agencies.

The NHS has asked the Government led Multi-Agency Partnership if the publication of the Stage 1 report changes the advice and direction given to the NHS, including whether we need to introduce any screening (including biometric testing) or change the services that we are currently providing. We have been assured that their advice remains the same and that our current services, including respiratory, mental health and toxicology specialist care, are the correct ones. Please click here to view our latest Q&A.

We will continue to work with our communities to design and implement high quality services for us all.

We take all health concerns very seriously and are doing all we can to protect people's health, your GP is your first port of call.

We continue to encourage anyone who is worried about their health to speak to their GP and book an appointment for an Enhanced Health Check. The Enhanced Health Check is available for all adults and children and goes beyond the standard NHS health check to assess current levels of health. Your GP can then refer you onto one of a number of specialist services for further care where required.Click here to see a leaflet on updates services. Click here to find out more about our services.

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