Environmental checks are being undertaken by the Government. As findings emerge, we, like the community, will rely on advice from the Multi Agency Partnership, chaired by Minister Hurd, that brings together scientific expertise and all government departments to help us to continue to put in place the right services.

Following publication of Professor Anna Stec’s paper on potential soil contaminants in the area around Grenfell Tower, we publically restated our commitment to put in place the right services for local residents to address both short-term and long-term needs.

We understand that some people are bound to be concerned after Professor Stec’s comments. Staff members have been out in the local community offering support and engaging with a wide range of community, voluntary and faith organisations including residents association, explaining the NHS position and offering reassurance.

Grenfell Speaks and Dr Andrew Steeden (Chair of West London CCG) produced a short video to reassure residents, and the NHS also produced a flyer with useful information.

As new evidence and research emerges, the NHS relies on scientific and clinical expertise to advise us on how services might change, or when new tests or treatments may be needed. In our case, that advice comes from the Multi-Agency Partnership, which includes members from the Environment Agency, the Scientific Advisory Group, and various other expert agencies.

The NHS has asked the Multi-Agency Partnership if the publication of Professor Stec’s paper changes the advice and direction they are giving to the NHS, including advice on the types of services we are providing, and if any form of screening is needed at this time. We have been assured that their advice has not changed since the publication of the report.

We will continue to work with our communities to design and implement high quality services for us all. In the meantime, we continue to encourage anyone who is worried about their health to speak to their GP and get an enhanced health check to assess their current health and, if needed, a GP may refer to specialist services. The test includes spirometry which is used to assess how well the lungs are working, and diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions.

Our latest statement in response to Professor Stec’s recent report can be viewed publically on the North Kensington Response website here.