Book a free Enhanced Health Check with your GP Practice in North Kensington

The NHS is offering Enhanced Health Checks for residents who may be concerned about their health. These are aimed at finding the early signs of health problems or underlying health conditions.

**Spirometry testing is not being provided at present. Patients will be brought back to the surgery for Spirometry at the later date, when it is safe to do so or referred on to a specialist.**

 ​​​​​​Practices offering Enhanced Health Checks

The service is provided by the majority of the North Kensington GPs at the following practices:

  • Barlby Surgery (AT Medics)
  • Beacon Medical Centre
  • Colville Health Centre (Drs. Blake, Mok, Chung & Parminder)
  • Exmoor Surgery, The
  • Foreland Medical Centre
  • Golborne Medical Centre, The (Drs. Mohi & Razak)
  • Golborne Health Centre, The (Dr. Ramasamy)
  • North Kensington Medical Centre
  • Portland Road Practice
  • Notting Hill Medical Centre
Making an appointment

Call your GP practice to make an appointment. If your practice isn't listed above your GP surgery will be able to offer you an appointment at an alternative practice in the area, speak to your practice reception.

The Enhanced Health Check for adults includes:
  • Respiratory examination
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Physical examination of chest
  • Smoking cessation intervention

A spirometry assessment is a lung function test and is used to diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions. Conditions that can be picked up and monitored include asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Any concerns identified from this initial assessment will result in a fast track referral to a specialist Respiratory Service.

Mental Health
  • Anxiety screening
  • Depression screening
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) screening
  • Insomnia/sleep review
  • Alcohol use screening
  • Substance misuse Any concerns identified from this initial assessment will result in an onward referral to specialist mental health and therapeutic services.
Physical examination and health promotion
  • Weight
  • Body mass index
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Physical activity reviews with onward referral to gyms, personal trainer, etc.
  • Dietary review with onward referral to various weight loss management programmes.
  • Health advice around dental and eye care - Bloods tests - to assess conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid function test and renal function if indicated.
For children, Enhanced Health Checks include:
  • Checking concerns around breathing.
  • Emotional health screening.
  • Weight monitoring and links to local weight management services.
  • Focus on physical activity and exercise programmes within the community.