A Health and Wellbeing Strategy for North Kensington

Published on: Wednesday 16 September 2020

We are delighted to introduce the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for North Kensington.  The Strategy would not have been produced without the contribution of the community within North Kensington and wider stakeholders – so we thank you.

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy has used 2019/2020 as the foundation year to identify health needs, it forms an initial outline for key priorities, we accept that these will change over the next few years so have the scope to adapt.

We look forward to hearing from you as we develop this further, working with you to ensure that emerging health needs identified and disparities raised are addressed in order to build resilience with the North Kensington community, bereaved and survivors. If you have any comment or feedback please email grenfell.response@nhs.net